Friday, 23 October 2009

35-39, 40-44 Scratch Race 2009

It’s been 42 odd hrs since I raced the scratch race, am at home again, and I am still trying to work out how I feel about it. I am very happy, and frustrated, I guess. I am happy I was up there with the bunch til the final 2 laps, and with no top end speed (my mantra for the last 18mths) wasn’t able to go with them. But I am frustrated in that I found myself doing my old trick of floating around the back of the bunch. This time however, I was hunting for wheels to take me forward, and kept hitting road blocks, or plain dangerous riding.

I’ve just had a look at the online footage of the race, and as usual, it always looks different from the outside. There was a small cluster of girls for most of the race, in the middle of the track, creating mayhem and mischief that I wasn’t prepared to get involved with. After the falls of the previous race, most of us were more conservative and unwilling to take risks or push through as we would normally. I’m not sure this isn’t a bad thing (apart from the double negative) as we all managed to stay upright and finish the race. I'm not sure how at times, but we did thank god. Poor Tanya B ended up with broken bones from her scratch race (speedy recovery Tanya!!).

I rolled down the ramp after the race, with some much needed braking support from Pete Barnard. Got to the bottom, fell off the bike and sat straight down with my back against the wall, before I fainted (well almost). I was barely aware of what was going on around me: I know I got a congratulory kiss from an admiring fan :-D, but frankly, I was working through a realisation that I can actually do this stuff. It was a sweet, revelatory moment. I can do this stuff: I just need more top end speed, and to improve my endurance, and I am so there.

PS just realised the link will take you to the TTs not the Scratch. Can't get the Scratch url, so you'll have to look it up under 2009 events!

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