Monday, 7 September 2009

What a strange little weekend that was...

Saturday morning was meant to be a 5am start to make it for the inaugural Warragul CC Bikeland Handicap series. Here’s a tip a for those of us who need more than 8 hours sleep per night, but only manage 7 or so Monday – Friday. 6 hours sleep is even worse, and for this little tracky, it wasn’t enough to see me get out of bed in time to go race in Warragul. In fact, it took until after lunch before I felt awake and alive, and it wasn’t until later it was almost time to think of dinner that I actually got on the bike, and worked on some speed endurance. But I got a lot of “other” stuff done that needed doing. I think my mare was appreciative! And the garden looks better without so many weeds.

Sunday was track day, that wasn’t. I started the day with an upset digestive tract, and only rode part of the way to the track on 4B, into a lovely headwind which seems to be the norm in Melbourne at the moment. Track work was thrown out the window, due to my washed out state (haha), and Coach and I headed to the local deli for a coffee. When the group for some scheduled track training, run by Coach and myself, didn’t show, we headed out for lunch at Pentridge Goal. It’s a weird place to experience: notorious goal turned into a residential estate. Terrible atmosphere, like some kind of historical theme park that’s been Tim Burtoned.

Once home, I climbed onto the trainer, which has had the fixed wheel strapped into it for the last few months. This time, I had my road bike plugged in, and the feel was much easier on my beleaguered quads. I’ve been trying to work out why I have been struggling a bit on the trainer: now I know why. Same as riding the fixie on the road, makes a freewheel feel like sponge puff with passionfruit icing. As I was feeling bad about not doing any track efforts, and was feeling ok after a good warm up, I had a crack at a 500m TT effort. I set up the gear and trainer resistance as I normally do for these efforts, to make them as track like as possible. 200m into the effort and I see a whopping figure on the powertap for kph. Like, a ridiculous figure that I’ve never seen before. So I figure the powertap is playing up, although the watts are consistent with what I’ve experienced before under that load, and, well, they were pretty good watts but not extra-ordinary for me. I have a rest and do it again. Same thing. I try for a third time, but this time try to see if I can wring more speed out of the thing, whilst trying to keep the trainer on the floor. Well, that worked, so at least the PT is responsive, if a bit outrageous (though consistently so) in its estimates of my speed. Another two efforts of the same outputs, plus a gut full of nausea and I call it quits, with the knowledge that there is some improvement in my ability to do those mock 500m TT efforts, but what exactly, I’m not really sure apart from higher rpm held for longer. Woohoo!! And to do it with a body totally underwhelmed by a morning of gastric distress, is, well, plain odd. But kind of pleasing. In a surreal, scratch your head, how did that happen kind of way.


Anonymous said...

the main thing is that it hapend ,
All the traing is starting to pay off just keep it up lol


NancyBoy said...

like a sponge-puff with passionfruit icing but without the nasty hard pips

Buttsy said...

What exactly did you eat at the prison.....???