Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Some observations from Junior Nationals

  • Every bike was carbon. Except mine
  • Every state had the state institute of sport involved. Except Victoria
  • Head counting kids in a bus is much harder than it looks.
  • Bananas are more popular than apples as fruit of choice for cyclists
  • Sitting in a hire bus for 8 hours really is character building
  • When dressed in the same gear as teenagers, I still get mistaken for being a kid. Until I take my sunglasses off and smile ;-)
  • Mecca Bah in Manuka has great food. Especially the icecream
  • Stromlo Park is an awesome facility. Except for its lack of velodrome
  • Yes, I CAN yell loud enough for kids to hear me when they are racing!
  • Mobile phone reception is dodgy in Canberra. Easy to forget you really are in the country when in the nation’s capital.
  • I heard a rumour Calvin Watson is moving to NSW
  • It IS possible to wear a pair of jeans for more than three days in a row, and get away with it
  • Being Team Manager is a shit of a job. I think Luke probably got three hours sleep a night.
  • The food at the roadhouse in Holbrook is overpriced and badly done. Don’t go there
  • Being a team coach is hard emotional and physical work, and very rewarding.

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