Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Meet me on the sunny road

I love my Bianchi Luna. Well, I loved it when I first got it, four or so years ago. And I loved it until quite recently. I was delighted to give it some time off when I started riding 4B, as I worried over race and training fatigue setting into to its luminous carboned body. But I have taken to riding it again, my embattled quads enjoying some quiet respite from the repeated monstering only a fixed wheel can give.

But now, my love is waning, is totally conditional. The chain grates and grinds along the rear cassette, although cassette and chain are relatively new. La Luna, your jockey wheel wobbles indelicately, and changing gears is painful, excrutiating to the hand, leg and ear. To hear the rattle and clatter of chain de-cogged in flagrante delicato, is an abomination of the once beautiful, luscious campagly purr . So currently I refuse to ride La Luna, fretting over its debauched state, and instead relish in the soft buttery delight of 4B, as the thick chain cinches smoothly over the single cog, and glides solidly forward onto and over the chainring, crank positive and deliberate in its forward stroke.

So my little Luna, you are relegated to the bike room until a shiny, colourful piece of bike bling arrives in the letter box, and I can repair your mechanical indiscretion and we can once again be united on the sunny road.

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