Monday, 31 August 2009

One week closer

Another week done and dusted; another week closer to Worlds. This week was all training, with Thursday night racing morphing into a less strenuous training session at home. Monday night jumping crates at Marty’s took its toll, but gee I am beginning to jump well. I’ll be able to leap over my bike soon.

Saturday I rode the shorter Whittlesea Challenge, mostly into a solid headwind, but proving to myself I have strength, in case I needed reminding. I like doing the Cyclopsportifs, and this was my second Whittlesea. They are very well organised, the volunteers doing the corner marshalling, traffic control, feed stations are cheery and enthusiastic, no matter the weather. The highlight of the day was having traffic stopped for me, both ways, so I could safely turn right into the finishing stretch of the ride. Awesome!!

Seven weeks out from Worlds and how do I feel? A bit nervous; this year has been quite different from previous years, although each year has been different with its own dramas and complications. It’s like comparing a track bike to a mountain bike: the same but different. The best thing about the last 6 months, despite the guilt about the drastically reduced volume (almost 50%), are days on end of NOT feeling bone-achingly and mind-numbingly tired. I think it’s called feeling NORMAL. Energised, bright, vibrant, vervey, clear headed, keen and healthy. Those are the WOW days, that catch me by surprise, because I haven’t had them regularly since I started full on track training three or so years ago. I truly had forgotten what it was like to have days in a row feeling NORMAL. Now I seek them out, and know how to make them happen more often. Just a little thing helps, it’s called sleep.

As of last Friday, after a huge flurry of schedule changes, leave applications, changing appointments, meetings, training programs, coaching days, I am the female coach/chaperone for the State Junior Road team, as a last minute emergency replacement. We head off to Canberra next Wednesday – a bus full of teenagers, a couple of coaches and the cranky bus driver (!!), with a small entourage of support vehicles following. I plan to take 4B with me so I don’t miss out on 5 days of training (great timing!!) and plan to cut laps out at the Stromlo bike park as best I can, and take in a few hills. Apparently they have them there. Maybe I can fit in the rather large one with the communication tower on the top, that is just behind my son’s place.

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