Monday, 6 July 2009

Life so far

Life so far, at the end of the first month of Winter, has been hectic:

  • I'm in week 5 of flu mode, although admittedly I am now in the post-viral stage, and on the bike as best I can, which is kinda depressing in a lost fitness, and OMG this really hurts kind of way.
  • I have moved house, for the second time in less than a year, making three addresses in 12months. I moved last week, and have the necessaries unpacked. The rest can wait til I need it, and then need to remember which box it's in!
  • I am still studying post-grad (hmm how many years to go??) with another mega assignment looming large, and am starting a 6 week course on Auslan in 2 weeks time. Glutton for punishment??
  • After missing a couple of races I'd entered, thanks to the lingering flu, I tried a racing comeback in the last week or so, without success (ouch!! no legs, no speed, no endurance) More work required to get back pre flu fitness, and I'll give it another go later this week, and try to stay positive/pragmatic about it all.
  • I suddenly remembered late last week that I actually need to ENTER for Worlds, otherwise it could be embarrassing come the end of September. Silly me!!
  • Attended the CSV awards night last Friday night, with some deserving winners, and am attending the Audax equivalent this coming weekend. The boots went down a treat ;-)
  • Marty is still frying my legs on a weekly basis, as well as my back, my arms and my core. Go Marty!! With the number of muscles in my back that are popping out, I am considering a career change to body building. I'm not sure could handle the fake tans and wearing of bikinis though...
  • I've found a taste for (home grown) goat. Much better than sheep to eat. So you can imagine my delight to finding it at the local supermarket on the weekend, alongside a couple of cryovaced rabbits. Coool!!!

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