Friday, 24 July 2009

Jens and I buy real estate

I have decided to change professions and become a real estate agent. I am not selling, however, but buying real estate.On the track. Position Postion Position: how many times have I heard it? Move up to the front!!! Yeah good thought, but only if the legs can take you there and keep you there.

So last night at racing, knowing I still have no top end speed, and endurance is down, Coach gave me a timely . Lining up for each race, I rode past the whole field on the fence, and put myself at the front. It’s amazing what a difference that does to you mentally.

The field was small last night (less than 10), with a number of old hands who know the score, and are gems to race with. That made my job of watching and positioning myself much easier. Unfortunately I ran out of speed, lungs and legs each race, but was doing what a smart racer should be doing. The final race of the night, I’d done my maths, and ended up 2nd wheel with two laps to go. I went with the jump after a microsecond of usual hesitation, then hooked in and stayed with them as best I could. I finally was dropped into the back straight of the final lap, but coming around into the home straight, I saw a dark blue of one of the old hands out of my right eye. No way was I going to let him come past, so I dropped the last millimetre of accelerator and held him off over the line. A good night of racing lessons, with those lessons embedded, not just rote learned.

PS If you're wondering about the Jens reference, it's a running joke. One for Karen!

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