Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Here we go again!!

Firstly: me! Back at the track on Thursday, planning for Gisbourne Saturday and Altona Crits on Sunday.

Secondly: TdF of course!! I've not paid much attention to it this year, and I usually ignore the first week as a matter of course. As we don't have TV at home (yet) I've taken to following a select few TdF riders via Twitter. So far, I know Rogers had salmon for dinner, Renshaw is stoked with his team effort, Cadel hasn't given up hope, Leipheimer has never seen the group split so suddenly.. you get the idea. A much more fun way to follow The Tour!!


Lost Sheep said...

Beautiful bike! Hope Gisbourne & Altona go well :o)

You've not really missed an awful lot on the TDF front. Just a few great sprints by Cav and a few missed turnings by several riders.

Lawrence said...

Thanks Lost Sheep! :-)

After the TTT looks like it's time for Team Lansana to really take the reins of this little pony show. Pity...

Lost Sheep said...

It sure looks that way. So much for Contador being the team leader - Lance seemed to just leap on the front near the finish line and Alberto didn't look best pleased.

I like Lance and I'm happy he's still a good rider, but he should let the young blood shine through now. He's had his time with the yellow jersey.