Friday, 17 July 2009

At least the new derny LOOKS good

Racing was back at the track last night and I was keen for some kind of improvement on 2 weeks ago, where I pitifully scraped through the scratch race and then retired for the rest of the meet.

There were some new faces, and new legs last night. Mostly I just saw them on the fence before the race start, although in the final race of the night, I tried to keep the view of their butts, er wheels right in front of me, until my legs couldn’t hold on any longer. I’m thinking a couple of those butts will be in C Grade next week. Pity. Nice view, shame about the demolition they wreaked.

I had a run in with asthma in the second race, and after ventolining up, was all set for the motorpace, with strong visualisations of my moves in the final 3 laps. I was second wheel with 7 laps to go, counting back, planning where I was going to sit when I finished my turn behind the bike and which wheels to pick to carry me home, when the shiny new “Scatto” derny did as it is named and scattoed off the track in the home straight. WTF???? Suddenly we were flipped into scratch race mode with the wind hitting us full frontal. I tried to maintain pace as I took the front, but it suckered me out totally, so that I was struggling in the garbage bag on the blue line while hunting for wheels after my turn on the front. I found a good wheel eventually, one that had completely demolished the points score earlier, but had nothing to go with when he fired up his rocket launchers. “Houston, we have a problem. No legs”. I finished off the back, but, well, at least I finished. I had déjà vu a la 2008, and am hungry to get back full fitness to be on the other side of the bunch finishes.

So the overall gist is that I am regaining strength, but without any top end speed (to be expected) although slowly edging towards pre-flu fitness of 8 weeks ago (OMG that long ago???). I am back in full, painful, training and it’s showing in more ways than one. I am fitter, but my legs are freakin’ sore after this week’s efforts. The post race leg massage last night, lying in front of the tv watching the start of the TdF, wrapped in a huge, warm, snuggly zebra blanket with the cat, sure was magic.

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