Wednesday, 17 June 2009

What fog??

Forecast for this morning was fog 'n' frost. Great! My first planned ride to work in months, pysching myself up through flu-infested brain fades and terrorising thoughts of leg failure, lung failure, hill-climbing failure and lots of pain from lost fitness and viral fighting endeavours. So I rugged up, gritted my teeth and readied myself to face the fierce cold and thick, damp air.

Within 5 km I was sweating up. Feverish?? Nope; hot in the uphill exertion, and lack of frost and fog. Ripped off!! But very happy. My ride was enjoyable (apart from the hills - what happened there?? I can't climb any more????) dry, mild. Apparently there is fog out there somewhere.... I I heard some planes somewhere are not landing in Melbourne as they are scheduled to, but in Sydney. Guess I got lucky!


Buttsy said...

I thought it was going to be foggy someehere in the world today so I slept in...and I have to study for an exam tomorrow and so thought I would stay in comfy house and not stress my body as much as my brain.!

PS - I have been thinking that someday I am going to have to refer to you as Dr! Now that is cool...maybe I should just do a phD...nah

Lawrence said...

How many exams have you got?? Good luck with them :-)

Hmm if you start calling me Dr, I'll have to start looking (and acting) intelligently lol

Buttsy said...

Had a chemistry exam yesterday and have got an anatomy exam for now I can pretend to be the intelligent the boring hair color...By the way you are not the only one suffering from a lack of hills in the legs are hating any piece of road that faces up at the moment..on the three day tour the hills (undulations) sorted me out completely but will start focussing on some training this week......PS only had two exams and that is way enough..

hippy said...

Took this riding White Rose Classic, up north.. in summer..

To be fair, it was damn hot below the fog level.