Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Easter: How to trash yourself

without turning a pedal.


* Dench's hot cross buns
* easter quality chocolate by the kilo
*smoked beef
*bulgarian fetta
* several bottles of red wine
*2 inch thick steaks
*Dench's hot cross buns
*what did I do Friday?? I really can't remember
*O yeah, the 1:20 on 4B. A bit like the first time I did it on the big chain ring. But this time, it rained.
*Dench's hot cross buns
*more red wine
*home made xmas pudding
*finally catching up on cleaning horse rugs!
*Death Proof (google it)
*some nasty hills. Glad I didn't take 4B on that ride. It took me 30 minutes to eat a jam sandwich
*RPE is a nonsense and a nasty mind block.
*a new land leg speed PB
*Dench's hot cross buns
*red wine


Anonymous said...

hey i didn't see any thing about you falling off on the way up or is that between us LOL HP

Lawrence said...

shhhhhhhhhh that was between us!! Although taking 30 min to eat a jam sandwich is a bit of a give away ;-)