Monday, 5 January 2009

New Blog

Most people don't know, but I write. Well I used to write, but now I just think words a lot, but leave them where I find them. So, a couple of weeks ago, I started Twittering to help the words come out into the fresh air. This is not what Twitter is for, but who gives a damn? Ithink it's a better use than the original intent of Twitter. The Twitternerds and nazis can have their little conniptions.

Today I started a new blog. There is a link to it in my blog list. It's in a new format (wordpress not blogger) for variety, and to alert my brain to its focus. A bit like slipping on a racing skinsuit - the brain becomes conditioned to particular performances in particular guises/modes. Wordpress is my creative mode, blogger is my cycling commentary mode. I like to play around with communication technologies and spaces, so hopefully my wordpress blog will facilitate that, and provide me a space to comment on playing around with different ways of getting words out there. EG, today, I joined ping, which allows me to post to this blog, my new blog, twitter and facebook, amongst other social networking spaces. Pretty cool. Now I just need to upgrade my phone to something kinda like an iphone or Samsung Omnia, but only better!

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