Friday, 16 January 2009

Looking forward to fresh

I’m not sure how many weeks it’s been since I last raced Thursday night, but it's been a few. So back to the boards last night and I was excited. I’m still recovering from Marty’s on Monday (fortunately I’m not the only Marty devotee with the same problem!!) plus fatigued legs from some good training this week. So, of course, with tired legs, I decided to do something different and warm up on the road, on some hills. And of course, being hills, you can’t just roll up them. So I arrived at DISC ready to go home to bed.

Because I am bloody invincible, I put on a slightly bigger than normal to race the scratch. It was an interesting experience. I could keep up with the bunch of about 15 or so, but was totally incapable of doing anything, making any moves, attacking. The scratch turned into a messy affair, with guys not wanting to sit wheels (can’t blame them really, some wheels not worth sitting or just too scary to sit), nor wanting to do a turn. We ended up bunched up across the boards in the final 5 laps or so. I sat just off the back, waiting for a fall to happen, hurting my legs some more catching up accelerations. For me, a painful non-event. I am sure D Grade stepped up a notch last night; it felt faster than normal, but who can tell with fatigued legs?

I swapped gears for the pointscore, knowing my legs wouldn’t be able to cope with the accelerations on my scratch gear, and it worked a treat. My race brain was not functioning, but gees I had some speed chasing down jumps from others. Just a pity my positioning was crap and I was too busy waiting rather than being the one making the moves. A few times I could see perfect opportunities for action, but was too stuffed to do anything, happy just to be in the front bunch, covering moves. A sweet race really, I was happy to see the motorpacing and sprint workouts are actually making changes in my legs.

Back up to my original gear for the motorpace, and coming into the final 2 laps I was well positioned in 2nd wheel, ready for the derny to come off and to leap into the final sprint for home. The bike came off, I jumped with the leaders. Then all I could hear was a pinging noise in my engine, as muscle fibre by muscle fibre, my legs let go and I slid out the back, unable to do anything about it. Disappointing but that’s the way it goes when you race tired.

Overall I was happy with how I went. Now I have some good fitness, my race brain is developing, and it’s coming together. I kept thinking last night whilst on the boards unable to do anything but follow, how sweet it’s going to be when I am fresh.

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