Thursday, 1 January 2009

I am a Weis Bar

Originally I heard it as Wii Spa, which I took to be some kind of new Wii game, whereby you and a bunch of friends sit in a virtual tub, with virtual alcohol and wave your arms around madly trying to effect a score on screen. But then I realised what was meant.... and it kinda tickled my fancy, having grown up with Weis bars as a young thing in SE Queensland, home of the Weis bar. And to clarify, the comment was in regard to my hair. It's back!! lol

Day 1 of 2009: a day of renewal of past resolutions, creation of new ones, reassessment of goals, and current statuses. Well, my goals are still the same, my resolutions still the same (although I do have two new ones of don't drink alcohol every day for a fortnight for another year, and don't lose any more weight).

Currently, training is as training is, ie you do it, you produce good data, you do it again. I have 4 months before nationals, and a training buddy hard on my wheel trying to keep me honest. It's gunna be a fun, hard four months!

Happy New Year everyone. I hope your 2009 is rich and rewarding, full of opportunities presented and created, and taken, and plenty of new experiences for the soul.

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