Friday, 30 January 2009


Sirens again this morning, and first thing, I hopped onto the net to check out the bushfire situation close to my house in Gippsland. My housie gave me the heads up late last night, just after I'd gone to bed while she was up watching late news.

The fires are close but there is not much I can do at this stage. I can drive the two hours down, perhaps not even get into town, to pack some things and leave again. As a single person I don't have the resources to work to protect my house, and it is of course insured. It's the stuff inside that's important. And ultimately, it's the stuff inside ourselves that's most important.

So today, my focus is partly in Boolarra. And my anger potentially directed at the f^cktards who have been lighting fires around town all week. Having survived one house fire, I have no time for pricks who think endangering people and destroying their histories is fun.


Colin Griffiths said...

Distressing circumstances, can't imagine what it must be like. What can I say except I hope that everything is ok. Take care, Colin

Lawrence said...

Thanks Colin. It's the anticipation and knowing there's not much you can do. You know what Type A personalities are like :-) It's just a matter of wait and see. Today will be crucial in terms of the weather and fire containment.

Fenz said...

Hey i hope things turn out ok. Having been through Ash Wednesday all those years ago I know how awful the waiting and not knowing can be.