Friday, 30 January 2009

Fire Updates

It's 10.30 or so, and I have been glued to the net, the news and my phone all afternoon. The fires reached Boolarra just after lunch, with spot fires breaking containment lines and reaching the western side of town, between town and the Strzelecki Highway to Mirboo North. Boolarra was evacuated earlier in the day, and roads blocked.

During the afternoon, I was on the phone to Terri who is Yinnar South and owner of my gorgeous gentleman stockhorse Moonie (20 this yr, my boy since he was 2 3/4) and X who breeds Irish Sporthorses in Mirboo North. Terri evacuated earlier this evening as the wind change sent the fires back into Yinnar and Yinnar South. Last I spoke to X was at 8.51 pm. The fire had reached her property but was moving slowly. She was then off to save her place with her father. My thoughts are with her.

The windchange this afternoon sent embers back across town and started fires on my road, one of the major roads out of town that was yet to be closed. By 5pm it too was closed. The fires have been erratic with the terrain and unpredictable. Now the windchange will add to that, and if the fires head back east, then there are many more thousands of hectares of bush and difficult terrain to burn, as well as the properties on my road, if the embers haven't got them first. So the danger is far from over, and I suspect tomorrow will be a much worse day for all concerned than today.

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Penny said...

Hi Lawrence,
Sorry to hear about fires near your place in Boolarra - I've got my fingers crossed that the fires stay AWAY!
Please keep us posted.