Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Tour of Bright

Tour of Bright is on this weekend, with the women's entries totalling 65. I don't know of a race in Victoria in recent times that has attracted that many female competitors. It's totally awesome!!!

To my buddies who are racing - rock on girls!!!! Ride hard, be bold, have fun.


Buttsy said...

I saw the entry list this morning and wished I was racing, it is my favorite event as it is not as tactical as other races, youeither climb hills well or you dont and so you get sorted on the hills, not in the ensuing attacks etc etc.....and there is a time it....but there is next year...thought I was working initially but now I'm not.....oh well...By the way lawrence another reason I love blogs is that we cant get onto facebook on the work computer.....but this is much more interactive and fun...PS how do you use feedburner?

Lawrence said...

try this for feedburner:

I don't use it, so have no idea.

Groover said...

It was a tough race but I loved it and I will be back next year, for sure. There are few girls here in Brisbane that already said they are planning to go next year so expect it to be even bigger and better in 2009. :-)

P.S. Thanks for your nice comment.