Friday, 5 December 2008

Bring it on Santa!

Competitive cycling is a high demand sport, mentally and physically. It’s easy to take for granted, or underestimate the costs of those demands – it’s part of being a competitive cyclist, so we just suck it and see. But sometimes, it’s hard to suck a lemon day after day. It’s hard to keep hurting yourself week after week, in amongst being a regular working adult with a mortgage and other responsibilities, but that’s what’s required to achieve goals. And doing so takes its toll at times; slowly but progressively until you start fighting yourself just to do a simple ride. I’m lucky in that I have other cycling interests I turn to at these low points, so I stay involved, engaged and enjoying the sport. In fact, all my social group are involved in either horse sports, or cycling. This could be a bad thing, but I’m not worried: it helps to anchor me.

I’ve been struggling the last few weeks to maintain my regular training routine and load. I berated myself for being soft, but nothing changed. So the time has come. I need a freshen up. I had a small dose last weekend at Country’s. This weekend is set aside for some chill out time and some self-indulgence. I need it! It's hug a teddy bear time :-)

Coach has set my new program for the next 4 weeks around more road kms, to rebuild some of the base I threw away over the last 4 weeks and get some more conditioning into my legs and lungs. We had a bit of chat last weekend about where I am at, and he got to see 1st hand proof of that. All my weaknesses were on display, which was a Good Thing TM. I needed that grade on the test as concrete, real world evidence.

Fortunately I have a great coach, and the new program looks good, and I am looking forward to doing it. I have some time off over Xmas, so I can fit in those kms, eat, sleep, sand walls and glue tiles, and ride my bike at my leisure, rather than chasing the clock in and around an employer set schedule. We’ve reset some goals, and Baw Baw is not a main focus any more (read: palpable relief!). I’m back on track, and back to being a trackie. WOOT!! It’s what I love, and what I need to be/do. So, this coming month, lots of road km, back to Thursday night racing, and lots of Bring It On Santa!

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Buttsy said...

Shanes dad says, one thing is for sure, you are going to lose more races than you are going to win. There will be bad days.....I struggle at times, same thing, working (I am between shifts today, and haveing a day off the bike, need to do some home stuff - redecorating the spare room....) You dont get on the bike, and guess what life goes on....I have a teddy bear who is part of our bike team! He even came to Sydney...and is an integral part of the "need a hug department"