Monday, 3 November 2008

Waking up at 4am

I’ve developed the nasty habit over the last week of waking at 4am. I’ve been trying to work out why, so I can stop this very irritating affliction:

  1. Miss Chili wakes me to remind me that I need to get up in an hour to train. Thanks Cat!
  2. The possums in hood like to practice their phat beats in my guttering on their way home from a hard night in the trees. It’s a pity possums sound like they are choking on tree bark.
  3. My housemate’s been burning popcorn again, and I get the sms to tell me (whoops, ducking now!)
  4. The light from the front porch light has woken me. This means my housey is still out on the town, having a (too) Good Time tm . Bitch.
  5. Lustful thoughts about the leader of a subversive, seditious cell, the Bomberlegs, who are slowly infiltrating track and crit racing as a way to gather intelligence and recruit new members. Fortunately, they are staying away from sprinters, so they may actually be successful on the intelligence front (Sorry Coach).
  6. I suddenly feel the need to read my email, mid REM sequence (see point 5). What’s worse, I actually do it.

Of course, worse than the waking up process, is not being able to get back to sleep. And then, as I lie there, trying to relax, I realise I actually need to take a leak. The journey to our toilet is similar to that which Maxwell Smart took to get to the office each day. There are 5 closed doors between my bed and my destination. There is also a whirling dervish of a dog at the midway point whose savagely happy tongue and tail one must dodge to safely get to the 3rd door without being slobbered on or badly bruised by an overanimated spinal extension. Try doing that in the dark, half asleep at 4 am without waking up fully. Maybe I should give in and just go train?

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