Thursday, 20 November 2008

Victorian Women's Omnium Championships

The inaugural Victorian Women’s Omnium Championships are on this Sunday. After months of work leading up to it, lots of planning, talking, more planning, more talking it’s finally about to happen. Brunswick CC, CSV office staff and the Women’s Committee have put a power of working into getting this up and running, with a stack of great sponsors on board, and special guest Anna Meares popping in. I’m really proud of what we have achieved, and will also be glad when it’s over, because then I’ll know how much of a success it was, and can breath a massive sigh of relief. At the moment, it’s looking fantastic with 42 entries, which must be one of the largest women's fields for a track meet seen in the state. Awesome!!


Penny said...

Hi Lawrence. I'm a Judge/Timekeeper at the Women's Omnium this year, as they needed more helpers. I'm looking forward to helping out/watching it this year, with the hope of competing next year when I'm more experienced on the track. You still coming to Packer Park on Saturday lunchtime?

Buttsy said...

Hi Lawrence, its Judith and I wish you lots of luck for the weekend. I cant even come along to watch as I am working all all the best.....I would like to do more track stuff, but think I will focus on the road for now...and pursuiting which is road riders track event!