Monday, 10 November 2008

Post Ride Recovery

What do you eat when you’ve expended a normal training days’ worth of calories in a ride? Whatever you bloody well want! A banana, small vanilla thick shake, medium fries, water, leftover pizza, protein shake, Arnott’s Shapes, baked beans, toast, chocolate.

I got home, unpacked, ate, put on some hand washing to soak, ate, had a shower, then soaked myself in the bath, ate, finished the handwashing, ate, did some other bits n pieces, ate, and then sprawled across my bed for an hour in a semi-comatose state, sleep not quite reaching me. And of course, it took ages to get sleep when I finally went to bed for real. Go figure!

Ms Housey spent another day horse shopping yesterday. We are now having big celebrations because this one is a winner, a gorgeous mare by the Keanu Reeves of stallions, Capone. Hopefully she passes the vet check and Ms Housey can bring her home to keep.

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