Friday, 21 November 2008

A Night at the Races

Don't read my blog, read hers (when Liz updates it!). Apparently I am due for another roasting after last night's efforts smscialising whilst at World Cup. Sigh, Baby Boomers are such difficult people, just ask my mother!!! ;-)

The racing last night was fantastic, with a very tightly contested men's pointscore seeing Glen O'Shea and Korean rider Joon Yong Seo going point for point down to the wire. The men's team sprint was very quick, smooth and an excellent display in how to do it properly. Watching Jack Bobridge's gold winning pursuit ride was also a highlight, as he kept the hammer down as he passed Markov in an attempt to beat a time of 4.20. He didn't quite get there, but a gutsy effort nonetheless.

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