Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Make like a dog

While I was waiting for Coach et al to arrive for the first of a regular Tuesday night gig at the local outdoor velo, I watched a loopy dog chase cars on the fenced-in oval next to the velodrome. About an hour later I was doing pretty much the same thing: chasing a postie bike (how appropriate), excepting I wasn’t grinning as much, and after a few efforts my tongue was hanging out, and my ears were flopping. I did manage to catch the bike, and pass it, just the once. I even had a grin on my face, and did a Lleyton Hewitt to Con the Postie as I passed him. New goal for the season: do it again! The only catch with this game is that if you do pass the bike, next time, the bike is faster. Bring it on!

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