Monday, 17 November 2008

Lazy Weekend

I’m not sure happened to me last week, but I think it had something to do with the Otways Classic and Metal Man racing. By the end of the week, I was toast and struggling to turn the cranks over.( Is this what being a Masters athlete is about???!!) So of course when Mdm Hr suggested a ride in the hills on Saturday mornning, over the 1:20 and up The Wall, I was all up for it. Seriously! Something to do with denial, and proving my legs wrong...

The morning started well: as I pulled up at Mdm Hr’s front door, and swapping early morning greetings, an sms came through on my phone. So you can imagine the eye-rolling, sighing, verbal payouts I then suffered. Perfect timing :-) The ride out was uneventful (or, I just don’t remember it!). We started up the Big Hill, but I was struggling to find a rhythm, and was fighting the road and the bike, and myself. After a few km I let Liz go, keeping her only 100m or so in front of me until the final kms when it lengthened out to 200m as the nausea that hit me just after I let Liz go firmed up its grip. At the top recovering, and making sure I really wasn't gong to throw up, we both decided to turn left instead of right at the top of the hill. Left = home, Right = The Wall. Good to know I wasn’t the only one still feeling the effects of the previous weekend. It was disappointing however. The brain wanted to go, but the body had other plans. Sometimes, you just gotta listen to your body, no matter how pouty the ego gets.

Sunday I allowed myself a sleep in. 9 hours of sleep, such luxury! I had planned to ride later in the day, after doing a few errands in the morning, but by lunchtime, my tired trashed body convinced me to blow that idea away, so I played with my pony instead. She has a funny sense of humour, attempting to rear and buck at the same time on the end of a long line to display her enthusiastic, exuberant personality. Having 500+kg jump up and down on the spot in front of you, trying to be scary and bossy, blowing fire and smoke, looking very beautiful but also plain silly, is a sight to behold. She wasn’t impressed when I laughed, shrugged and just waited for her to land. I think I dented her ego.

After a couple of hours bonding with the mare, I came home and did what any self-respecting athlete having a non-athlete day does: lay on the couch with a glass of red, or two, reading the paper! Hopefully my day off has done the trick, and my legs have now come back home to play.

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