Friday, 7 November 2008

I Need a Bucket of Caffeine

This week has been one of those where you try to overstuff a small box with too many things, particularly in the last two days. I think I’m out of practice, or got to liking normal human hours during my post-Worlds down time too much. Thankfully, it’s also been a recovery week so training load has been reduced.

Racing last night was a bit tragic. I had strength but not much of anything else, including any capacity to read the bunch. I need remedial literacy classes. Coach was right when he said all my lovely hill riding will rob me of speed. Boohoo. Fortunately I’ve definitely got fitness to see me through to the end of the race, and I managed to bridge a couple of gaps. All is not lost, not quite.

I’m back in the Shed of Pain tonight, grovelling away on the ergo. Fortunately I’ll have new groovy hair from visiting the hair dresser before hand, so at least I’ll look good (stop laughing Mrs Coach). Tomorrow is a quick fling around the local hills with Mdm Hr, then some shopping, including horse shopping with Ms Housey. Unfortunately, pony shopping with Ms Housey is making me ill. The pony sickness is coming back, and I can feel the conflictedness already creeping up on me. That, and Ms Housey threatening to confiscate my phone at night so I get more sleep, I think this woman is one evil person out to corrupt me.

Sunday, Mdm Hr and I will be riding the Great Ocean Road, well a bit of it at least. Hopefully the weather will hold, but winds have been forecast. Great! I’ll get to listen to Mdm Hr pay out on me all the way to Geelong for my great idea that got her out of bed so early, then put up with 20-30kph headwinds for half the ride. Hopefully the hills will block some of it. Teaching a horse to go sideways and stay straight and light in the hand at the same time is much easier!


Anonymous said...

Only cure for pony sickness is cycling antibiotics.... or build up immunity with more pony times..

Lawrence said...

It's true! You ARE evil!! hehehe

Anonymous said...

So much for the ergo session. The hair cut must be bad this time if you think that pussy story was going to cover for you. I can't wait to have a good laugh, it has been awhile since you turned up with those stripes....hehehe

Lawrence said...

Hair cut is ace and that's official from the girls at work, who would know, cos they are classy style queens. As for the cat, well next time she'll just get sucked up in the new vacuum cleaner! ;-)