Monday, 3 November 2008

The Beach and The Mountains


After sledging Mdm Hr about nailing her arse to something immoveable and solid on Friday, my inner athlete something got cold feet about doing any major hills on Saturday morning, and we headed off down towards the coast instead. However, instead of going straight ahead, we turned left, and ended up doing at least one nasty hill anyway. And yes, I did nail someone’s butt to the wall, my own. I’m pretty certain that was an evil,sarcastic grin on Mdm Hr’s face as she (finally) sailed past at the lights at the top of the climb on Canterbury Rd.

The Beach Rd trip was really enjoyable, thanks to a sudden, drastic drop in cycling numbers, and a pleasant tail wind. I seem to be burning up fuel at a great rate these days, so we had a refuelling stop at Black Rock (almond croissant not as good as Port Melb), and a side trip for a new helmet for Mdm Hr. Check that stripey headgear out next time you see her on her bike!

Nearing St Kilda, we picked up a hitch hiker. I was feeling a bit fatigued to care, until Mdm Hr commented on his presence. Time to (re)assert our domination, so I made a comment to my partner in crime, flicked up onto the big ring, and dropped the poor sucker in about 5metres flat. Unfortunately he caught us up at a red light, so I had to do it again. This time it was permanent. Instant disposal, the Mortein manouvere.


It said E1, recovery, in my program, so when I was offered a berth on a ride to Warburton via the rail trail, I snatched it up. A quick change of bike to the mtb, and a pleasant change of scenery (hey Lawrence, are those emus or ostriches??). Sweet. We were meant to be five, but ended up as a tri-cycle, and I was happy to sit in the boot and enjoy the ride out with Marty A Go Go and Mr Legs doing most of the driving. Marty was resting his legs from some hard racing the day before. Perfect. Highlight of the ride out was being passed by a skinny old guy, covered in fluro, dinging his little bell like crazy, calling out very animatedly, “passing! passing!”, and zooming by on a blind corner. The White Rabbit. Classic; cracked me up a treat.

I got a bit bored on the way back, and leapt up the steep side street to the rail trail in a single bound (cop that guys); demonstrated, twice, how I dropped the mtber mosquito on Beach Rd the day before (cop that guys); found another hill to leap up in 2 bounds (come on guys, what took you so long??); and demonstrated how to pace a 3km massive 2% rise in the rail trail and still look good at the top while leaving every one for dead (come on guys, what took you so long??). Oops. I must be feeling good. :-)

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