Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Another Day at the Post Office

I was back at the outdoor velo last night, with a luverly wind blowing up the back straight, even impacting on Con the postie’s ability to keep the throttle up to the poor little bike. This meant that heading into the headwind, we were running up over the postie bike as it was pushed back by the wind, then with the tail wind having to scramble so as not to lose that precious wheel for the next back straight. Lose that wheel into the head wind and it’s good night from him.

We had a good little turn out, with more sprinters than enduros for a change. After an interesting, if somewhat rather frustrating warm up (thanks to the wheel I was on – which kept drifting off the wheel in front, and up out of the line up, then back in, and then suddenly bailing back out again. A lesson in how to ride a pace line, as well as coming off the bike correctly, is required me thinks) the pursuiters did a 3km effort behind the bike. That was actually fun, and my breathing didn’t start to ramp up until the final 2 laps. It was a good finish to the warm up. Next we did 8 laps efforts, in front of and behind the bike, starting in front of the bike, finishing the final 2 laps behind. I nailed the first one, and actually thought about coming past the bike down the home straight for the final time. Well, I thought about it… Effort 2 and I went out a fraction harder, feeling good and a bit keen. Unfortunately, I blew up in the final 2 laps thanks to this keenness. Shit happens, and I rode it hard home anyway despite the minor implosion in the legs.

Disregarding the wind, the contrast between last Tuesday and this one was very much appreciated: warm, sunny, blue skies. I spent time between each effort lying down on the infield, gazing into the blue, relaxing and chilling out, appreciating the extra recovery time. Mainly because any time I was upright, I felt light headed and would start coughing a treat. So I musta done some work at some point! I’m really enjoying these sessions and Con the postie is really getting the hang of handling the little red bike on the track. I have an absolute ball chasing the bike, and it’s so so sweet sitting in behind, getting that lovely draft.

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