Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Welcome to Sydney

Yesterday’s racing was overtaken by some car thefts at Dunc Grey, involving smashed windows, and several cars, one of which was mine. So while I was not PBing by fractions of a second, some fucktard was stealing stuff from cars in the car park. For me, they took my favourite Billabong backpack, which I had emptied out into my velo case. That’s my revenge, but now I’m dealing with getting an uncommon American car that’s no longer imported to Australia fixed. Finding window glass is hard enough, but there is door damage as well. So today after this morning’s pursuit, I’ll be making a report to the local police who have minimal care factors added to their daily intake of apathy, seen it all before and CBF. Then it’s off to Bunnings for a serious sheet of plastic, and some gaffa tape to make my drive home tomorrow less windy and noisy. I think it's going to be another long day of doing something I hadn't planned to be doing. Unfortunately the whole incident has totally hijacked my plans for staying in Sydney.

I didn’t quite PB in the TT. I hit the start too eagerly and had the back wheel skipping around the place, so sat down to regroup the bike through the first bend, then got back out of the saddle and hammered. My only consolation was that I finished more strongly and drove through the lap 2 fade much better than I usually do. 4th – 6th place (that’s me) all finished within 0.8sec of one another. 6th at Worlds, I’ll take that.

People kept asking me if 1) it was a PB and 2) if I was happy with my time. No to both, but keeping in mind 3 months ago I couldn’t cope with getting my HR over 85% and needed a week to recover from such an effort, I’m pleased to have my June form back, which is pretty much where I am at, with a new FTP. Those lost 3 mths of training under my wheels and it would have been a different story (I can say that, because we’ll never know!).


hippy said...

6th in the World still sounds like a pretty damn good result to me! I hope they get the bastards that took your stuff.

Lawrence said...

Well fortunately the stuff they took was a dirty tissue in my backpack. So I think it's good bye to my backpack.I've replaced it already with an updated, 21st century version ;-)

hippy said...

I'm still waiting for my custom courier bag.. :) Good that they only got your snot rag. ;)