Sunday, 19 October 2008

Welcome to Death Valley

Really, it should be called Trackie’s Hell Valley. Mdm Hr and I ventured out, on Day 1 of my transformation into a goat, or a lobotomised monkey or whatever those animals are that ride hills fast with a smile on their face, nattering away. Three days off the bike, plus slight dehydration from being a cycling groupie socialising butterfly type yesterday at the Herald Sun Tour, had me feeling blerghoff.. that’s blerg with some exercise induced asthma thrown in for luck.

The ride out was not bad, and all was good until the first climb on Old Healesville Rd. Coach didn’t tell me about this! Liz had cruise control on, after a big ride yesterday, and she called out, I’ll catch you up at the T intersection. Hmm, I’m thinking, whilst looking up, it’ll be sooner than that! So I started up the bloody thing, and was going ok until about halfway up. I held on til about 20m from the top, when I turned sharp left into Pukesville and got off the bike before the town sheriff locked me up in purgatory. I died a few times on that road, and each time I was reincarnated, but on the same bike, on the same stretch of road, still feeling incredibly nauseous. Perhaps there was a lesson I wasn’t learning???? Apparently there are three climbs on that road, but the third was obviously during my final reincarnation, because I certainly don’t remember it, or perhaps Mdm Hr was just hallucinating?

For our pain, we stopped off at the Bakery in Yarra Glen for a coffee and apple scroll (so fresh, so soft, so yum!), ran into an old buddy of Mdm Hr, who also happens to be the father of an olympian mtber, so got some good goss on racing in Beijing. Such a small world…The journey home was sedate, thanks to non-compliant legs, a sulky stomach, and a mild head wind. My legs are still feeling it an hour later!

I think this ride is going to become a regular staple route in my training program. It’s in my back yard, it’s fairly low traffic, it’s scenic, it hurts, and I can add to it to increase the pain factor. O yeah baby!

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