Thursday, 2 October 2008

Waking up the Dead

This time last year, I was blogging with excitement and trepidation about heading off to Worlds. This year, my mind is distracted by: "do I really have the legs to not totally embarrass myself in 12 days time?". At least one defending champ isn’t going this year as illness put a kybosh on his ability to prepare well for Worlds. I guess it’s about personal goals, for each of us.

For the last week, my legs have been dead. As in, laid out on a cold slab in a morgue dead. I’ve skipped training sessions and modified others to help freshen them up, but they remain stone cold, motherless dead. I peer at and poke and prod my WKO files, trying to work out why. Nothing looks overdone, untoward or outrageous. My TSB is on the low side, about where it was for states and nationals. My CTL is cruising along at 80, about 12 points higher than for states and nationals, and my ATL about the same as for states and nationals. I’ve been getting reasonable sleep (for a change!), and my diet is good. Maybe I’m just expecting too much, after having a successful recovery from a virus and nutritional deficiencies in a relatively short period of time. Time to HTFU mentally and become just a bit hungrier, greedier, for the kill.


Penny said...

Sounds like you're feeling about the Worlds like I was feeling about the AUG a couple of weeks ago. I rode 2 laps of Kew Blvd last Wednesday in 49 min 57 sec, to prove to myself that I could manage the 2 laps, and my injured glute wouldn't complain too much.
In perfect conditions (well no wind - quite warm though), I smashed my PB - 48 min 15 sec for 2 laps today.
Unfortunately I wasn't fast enough to get any uni points (finished 9th ... points go down to 8th), but I'm happy with my time - and none of the guys (3 laps) were faster than me for a change!

Lawrence said...

Awesome work on smashing your PB Penny, that's fantastic! :-D

Alex Simmons said...

You just need rest and recovery. Should be just about starting a taper by now anyway. It's pretty hard to "over rest" at this stage.

How well nailed is you FTP?

Have you looked into how your TSB reflects performance with a different (possibly longer) ATL time constant?

Good luck anyway, will probably see you there at some stage.

Lawrence said...

Hi Alex

I thought I had my FTP nailed, but a psuedo TT up a 6km hill on Saturday has given me a new 20minute power PB, by 10 points! I had Thursday off, so you are right. Amazing what some rest/recovery can do ;-)

I have 3 PMCs in WKO, 2 over 28 days with differing ATL/CTL time constants, and a seasonal one. I play around with the 2 28 day ones fairly regularly to check variations etc.

Look forward to catching up in Sydney!