Friday, 10 October 2008

Training Secrets

It’s been a quiet week on the blogging front. I don’t want to give away PB secrets to my competition ;-). I’ve noticed an increase in traffic to my blog this week, which is always nice. Thanks for visiting! Hopefully you’ll be entertained in some way by my self-indulgent rants. But... no performance secrets here!

I raced last night, and something happened to my motivation between leaving work and getting to the track. I think being stuck in a huge traffic jam, thanks to a load spill, may have had something to do with it. Too much time to think about 42 (no, not as in my age, as in The Answer). Anyway, I was guilty of racing like a female, and I’ll confess in private to Coach tonight. I needed someone to yell at me last night. Mini Me wasn’t there, so had no one to rouse on me, and rev me up. Boohoo.

I did make one brilliant move (don’t laugh, it was a great move!) in the final 2 laps of the point score. As we rolled past the 2 laps sign on the home straight, me in second or third wheel ( I can't remember which), a guy floating above me, boxing me in, drifted down towards me slightly. I told him to stay up; he responded by shifting up further, ever so slightly. And then my racing brain lit up, synapses zinged and zapped (finally, but just the once for the night) and I saw daylight; enough daylight for a Teschner and a small woman to fit through. And we did, accelerating past two bodies and bikes through the first bend and ramming up the throttle in the back straight. I did a quick head check, and another, and then one more – they weren’t far behind. Second bend I pushed a bit more and gain a little more space. Bell lap and I was still clear, but started to feel the weight of the effort in the back straight and then was struck by a moment of doubt. In that moment of hesitation, I lightened pressure ever so slightly on the cranks, but enough to let the 3 behind gain on me. They passed my one by one in the final bend. When I realised it was just 3 of them, I hit the throttle again, making it home in 4th for a point. Not that long ago I couldn’t finish the pointscore, now I am coming home in the bunch for points in the final sprint.

I’ve now got two weeks’ leave, bags and a car to pack, a drive to Sydney and back to make, two events to race, some relaxation in down town Parramatta to have, and a few sleep ins to do. Then it’s all back to business regaining the last of my lost fitness, developing it further, and some racing brain cells to generate over the next few months.

Did you really think I was going to tell you my training secrets?? Well, I'll tell you just one that's been brilliant over the last 3.5 mths: Vitamin C, in grams, not milligrams. Lady Cilento was on to something (name drop: I went to school with one of her grand daughters).

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Penny said...

Hi Lawrence.
Good luck in the Worlds in Sydney next week. I hope you do well - and have FUN!
I'm looking forward to reading your blog when you return.
Penny :-)