Friday, 17 October 2008

Thank You

Another World's has come and gone for me. This year was an interesting experience, and, forgetting about the car bit for a moment, was much better than last year's. I am glad I went and was a part of it. I'm already looking forward to racing a full program at next year's Worlds.

As usual, a whole bunch of people helped get me there. In no particular order, but with a truck load of appreciation, love and, of course, deep thanks for their support, words of wisdom, wise crackin', shit stirring humour when the going gets tough, and passing the spew bucket when required: Coach, Mrs Coach, Mini Me Coach, CaityCoach, SallyCoach, Mdm Hour, Marty A Go Go, Tracey my chiro, my housey Kat, Mr Legs, my fellow competitors, particularly the women who go hard then rally around afterwards, Mr Univac, Yogi Guru, Darci and Sharon, Kirsten and Amy, Terri, Mad Dog, Caro, Squirty. Special thanks to Ian Gillam and Robert Hanner for giving me back my batteries!

The best honour and respect you can give those people who stand by you day after day, getting sprayed with your blood, sweat and tears and who continue to stand by you even though glory may not be readily apparent, is to train and race with your complete, utter, committed self every single time. I know I have failed to do this at times, and it's my new season resolution.


Anonymous said...

You are most welcome Weed but I think you need a terry bike. They seem to work for some old people. Mrs Coach.

Alex Simmons said...

Nice campaign. Keep on keepin' on.

Lawrence said...

Mrs Coach, I'm not old yet, so I doubt it would work that well for me. Perhaps it may be something you could consider in the very near future?? Cycling is good for knee rehab apparently ;-P

Lawrence said...

Thanks Alex :-) Cycling is one of those great sports where the fraternity is strong and it gets you through the shit, as you know. It also helps to have some pretty awesome people around(um, not naming names or anything ;-) )to remind you of what tenacity,inner strength and passion for the sport is all about, and why we get on the bike every day.

Anonymous said...

Hey Weed, you have not got the physique for me to get a good sit. Besides now I have a craft room, I'm not leaving it incase No. 1 daughter wants to come home. Mrs Coach