Monday, 13 October 2008

Sunny One Day

Sydney the next. The trip between Melbourne and Sydney is so long and boring. Two hours in and I was bored. At the four hour mark, I was even more bored. Six hours in and well, it was boring! Anyway, I arrived safely. Hot, sweaty, fatigued but safe.

Today is cruise mode: Day 1 of holidays. This afternoon I'll head off to the track, cut laps of the crit circuit to get the legs back, set the bike up with race wheels and get on the track and cut laps during our designated time slot.

Big gossip at the moment involves CSC riders and a little test that some of them may not have done so well in, and it wasn't a maths test. As some of them are racing locally (Victorian local) in the Herald Sun Tour, the gossip is hot and lively. Everyone's waiting for the Official Statements to confirm or deny.. I suspect these won't be forthcoming until the Tour is over.

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