Friday, 31 October 2008

Summer Racing Fun

Great to see the Jayco Track Aggregate series finally up and running for this coming track season. Laurie Norris has put a huge amount of time, energy, effort and consideration into this program, to help boost track racing across the state. Jayco have come on board as a sponsor, which is huge for track racing. I truly hope the series gets the support it deserves.

Unfortunately I won’t be travelling as much for racing this summer, as I’m saving my pennies for other things, so will skip most, if not all of the Christmas Carnivals. Hopefully I’ll be painting my house ready for sale instead. I’ve planned for one Open a month (by chance, as that’s the way the schedule worked out!). I may even be sighted at Vic Seniors this year, dependent on rubber stamping by Coach, as I’ll miss out on State Masters in March. This season, there will be a new Masters Championship event in an omnium, and I’m really keen to have a crack at this. Fortunately it’s at the end of the season, so I have plenty of time to practice getting the line right for the flying 200.

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Penny said...

Hi Lawrence,
Well at least you have the whole season before your (Masters) Omnium, so you have lots of time to practice.
The Women's Omnium is on 23rd November - so there's no way I'll be ready to race at DISC in a group by then, given I'm still not all at Packer Park. (Individual races - TT and pursuit is a possibility though, given I've done some fast laps in the sprinters lane at DISC ...) I think the CCCC Season Final @ DISC is a better aim for me!