Monday, 6 October 2008

One final almond croissant

Sunday, Mdm Hour and I had planned to head to the hills for some more glory in pain, but the overnight minimum temp forecast carried over well into the morning. So at 8 am which was really 7 am but actually 8am, the thought of blue skies, blue seas, balmy coastal warmth and sunshine, compared to damp chilliness in the nearby ranges was too much and we turned right instead of left and headed for Beach Rd.

I’ve been asked lately why am I riding Beach Rd so much when I am not a real fan of that ride (mainly due to the volume of idiot, cowboy riders. Call me a lycra snob). Its two redeeming features are flatness, and relative warmth of air temperature. The bunches were smaller on Sunday than last week, with just a few yobs, and one Richmond Cyclery wheelsucker of note. These Richmond Cyclery guys seem to be getting a reputation for inability to do any work. Mdm Hour and I managed to ditch him with a crafty double-handed manoeuver, which we had to replicate a little while later to drive the message home. Apparently these RC guys are also slow learners. Earlier we had 2 blokes hitching a ride, who wouldn’t take the message or do any work, so as we passed a slower rider, I cut back into the gutter in front of the Sunday cruiser, bringing Mr Blue Brunetti with me, and promptly sat up. I heard a grumpy “let’s just go around them ‘ey” from behind and as they passed, Mr Blue Brunetti shook his head at me. I nearly forwarded a snide comment to him about real cycling and having to work for it, but held my tongue.

One of the conditions of our ride was to stop at Eurodore again, just to make sure the good coffee and croissant last week wasn’t a fluke. I am happy to report they weren’t. But I did declare it would be my last almond croissant for some time, as in 10 days time I start my fugacious reincarntion as a hill-climbing, road racing enduro whiz. This also means more turning left than right when leaving home on the weekends, and some practice at focussing for longer than 2 minutes 50. Fortunately, some nameless person has dobbed themselves in to keep me company on my long hill-climbing jaunts, a promise they will be kept to!

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