Wednesday, 22 October 2008

50 years on and it's still the same

Only the bikes have changed, not the attitudes to cyclists on the road.

This morning I read Russell Mockridge: The Man In Front. It's a good read, by the way. Grab a copy and read some of Australia's cycling history.

What deeply saddens and angers me is reading the analysis and description of the legal response (police, coroner, courts etc) to Mockridge's death. 50 years later and it reads just like the Scotty People's case, in terms of attitudes, attention to detail by investigators, victim blaming. In 50 years, nothing has changed.

How many more serious injuries and deaths will it take before cyclists are considered truly legitimate road users, and with the respect that entails? Motorists have it, and it's upheld by police and the judicial system. Cyclists should have it, it's written in law, but somehow that seems to fail, go missing, in translation. I could rant on, but won't keep proselytising. I'm not sure what we can do to lobby and advocate when the likes of BV and the Amy Gillet Foundation do little for our cause but repeat stereotypes of cyclists as victims, at fault, and rogue road users.


hippy said...

I'm currently in the process of writing a police report. A Jag driver had three separate goes at intentionally trying to run me over. The last attempt he actually drove up onto the footpath at speed after me. I switched off my lights and bailed up a side street. I'm sure he popped his tyre or at least cracked one of his wheels. I now have the fear. Every grey car (of which there are loads in London) is the psycho. I carry a d-lock now, not for locking for self-defense. I can't wait to meet him again.. I really need to do this police report first though.

Lawrence said...

Holy crap Hipshtar!! What crackshite was that dude on?!!? I hope he cracked more than one of his wheels. Did you get rego??

Sounds like you're ok physically. I understand the twitchiness in regards to grey cars. Afterwards, I was twitchy on the Melba with cars being a little too close. Normally this wouldn't bother me. Hopefully our car angst is temporary dude.

hippy said...

The first time he drove beside me and turned sharp left to get me. I braked and swerved hard right so he went passed. He corrected and hit my elbow with his mirror. He then sped through the red light left. I got his rego and txted it to Mal and a mate. He did much the same about 1k later and then again in West Ealing. I phoned the cops that night and they said I should fill a form in. I have the form I've just not filled it out. I've got his plates and know his car type and know roughly what he looks like. I've not made loud noises about it since I still plan to find him.