Monday, 22 September 2008

Windy Sunday

Windy one day, windier the next. After Saturday making the legs work, I opted for an “easier” ride down Beach Rd, with pace setter Mr Whiskers (read, my tow home into the raging northerly). The trip down to Mordi was great, with a nice tail wind for most of the way. I got in trouble a few times for, umm, attacking, cough cough, up some of the rises, cough cough. Not my fault if Mr Whiskers has zoned training to do and is a disciplined number cruncher! Me, I was E1ing, apparently, and well, if my legs want to work at a particular rate up a hill, who am I to deter them?

I was dreading the return trip though, and even with some very focussed wheel sucking (no way was I losing that wheel in that wind, you’d have been proud Mrs Coach) it was not fast thanks to the wind, but I still was buffeted around a treat. I was really glad I was not on the front, that’s for sure, and appreciated the steady wheel. Despite the wind, it was a beautiful sunny day, and the view is always good on Beach Road.

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