Monday, 22 September 2008

Windy Saturday

Another good weekend of riding, if somewhat curtailed in the kms department thanks to some hefty headwinds both days. Saturday, my new neighbour, Mdm Hour and I headed off east into the hills, hoping to beat the forecast rain. We did, just! We took to our usual eastern route, and it was with great joy I faced the two lumps on Edward Rd. I’ve been known to need a recovery stop after these, but not Saturday, dear reader. I thumbed my nose at those nasty rollers, spurning any stops, and slugged away with gritted determination and a bunch of HTFU. When we got to Coldstream, we both decided that we’d have enough of hills, knowing that we’d have face the bastards on the way back, so we headed off to Yarra Glen. I’ve not been to Yarra Glen before, and slogging it into a headwind the whole way, plus two close encounters with tourist buses (must be the week for that) I was wishing for the trip into Beach Rd instead. I suspect this is a journey I’m going to become very familiar with after Worlds (oh yes! I’m going to Worlds. Well, at the moment I am!!).

Halfway between Coldstream and Yarra Glen, Friday night’s ergo efforts decided to let their presence be known, and I realised that I was going to need food sometime in the next 15km. I’m not sure what this rapid ride-hunger thing is. I can easily ride 60km without needing to eat halfway. Anyway, coffee and an apple scroll downed at Yarra Glen; and a discussion on where to head to after that, until we looked up. The blue sky had blackened and it was looking ominous. We looked up, looked at each other, looked up again and said: let’s head home then assess the situation.

The slog home was, well a slog! Nothing beats a headwind uphill for developing character. 10km from home, I suggested we ride past home for another 10km or so. 5 km from home I suggested we forget that plan and call it day. Mdm Hour was not dissenting and approved my call. Within 15 minutes of getting home, the rain came crashing down. Like a final sprint for the line, nothing beats good timing.

To cap off the day, I headed out to the movies for a change, to see Hellboy with Mr Whiskers. The movie was a potentially a good cinematic version of the comic strip, heavily overlayed with corn syrup. A bit sickly, over-sugared and almost pathetic, ie don't bother paying to see it in a cinema. At least the company was great, and dinner yummy.

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