Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Surrounded by boxes

I’d forgotten what a PIA moving is. I’ve developed a habit over the last 20yrs of moving house/job approximately every 2 yrs. So, it’s been about 2 yrs since my last move….

Anyway, the job is pretty much done, and I’m left with sorting out my loads of accumulated crap (I’m sure I didn’t move to Melbourne with this much stuff???) so that I can re-establish some kind of routine (ie control!!) in my life and I don’t have to panic in the morning searching for underwear to put on to go to work. I hope I can remember where I put my Powertap for tonight’s ergo session. I saw it somewhere…

Training over the weekend was non-existent, but I had a good workout on the ergo Friday night, with my four 4 minute intervals shaping up ok. As I missed out going to DISC on Sunday, I took myself off yesterday for a session. Being tired, slightly dehydrated (perhaps that bottle of bubbly with my new housemate the night before wasn’t such a good idea??) and underfed is not really a good way to be when trying to nail 750m efforts at race pace. I started on my warm up gear and it was hell - dog ugly really. I did a lot of dissection between efforts, gave myself a solid talking to so I didn’t throw in the towel in disgust and go home after the first failed effort. I got a bit angry and changed up gear. It couldn’t get much worse, so I had nothing to lose. The difference between the two gears felt great, and my confidence started to come back. The next lot of efforts was better. They hurt just as much, but I was able to stop the speed slipping away in the final lap and a half. Sweet. Still not up to scratch, but I was able to save a bad session from getting any worse. I followed this up with a couple of standing starts, to totally finish trashing myself.

Over the last six weeks, I’ve been steadily progressing, improving each ride. Now I’m having good days and bad days in a single week. Does this mean my body is about to hit a new level, and it really doesn’t want to go there? Or perhaps I’m just a bit stressed out with moving etc, and it’ll settle soon. I’m actually hoping the former, but I suspect it’s the latter.

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