Wednesday, 17 September 2008

The Pain of Pursuiting

Ah, the pain of pursuiting. It’s a bit like childbirth, how quickly we forget! Well, last night, Coach kindly reminded me. It was a bit of a shock to the system. Four minute efforts: first minute felt good, heavy on the legs but good – hey this is going to be ok; 2nd minute – o shit, this is getting hard, minor anxiety heading towards panic as I wonder if I can make it; 3rd minute – I start hanging on for grim death with Coach coaching from the sides, passing me little reminders about technique; 4th minute – made it, only 2 x 30 seconds to go, I keep pushing but there’s no baby yet.10 seconds and I grit my teeth, make snarly faces and force myself to keep going until I hear “OK”. And then I really can’t believe it for a fraction of a second. It’s over, I made it, and now I have 8minutes before I do it again, three more times. O the joy.

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