Monday, 1 September 2008

A nice day for a bike ride

Today I’m feeling very refreshed, which is a much needed change from last week’s dull dreary slugfest of living. You have weeks like that I guess.

Saturday started at Whittlesea, waiting for the start of the SRAM cyclcosportif ride, with an sms from Mdm Hour, saying she’d won the World Masters RR in a.. wait for it.. sprint finish! It was fantastic news and set the tone for the day. The ride itself was a leisurely way to do 110km, good for those of us who haven’t ridden that far in a few months. It was my first attempt at Humevale, which I found relatively easy but annoyingly dead. Conversely, Strath Creek was far from relatively easy, and found me annoyingly dead. Fortunately I was on the bike when I rounded the corner to be greeted by Coach and MiniMe Coach, rugged up, sipping coffee, looking very smug and amused.

The rest of the ride was straight forward, including the short 9 percenter after Strath Creek, which I flew up, just to get it out of the way. At 8pm Saturday night, I realised drinking 1.5 bidons of water, eating a few snakes/jelly babies and a chunk of cake during the ride just didn’t crack it for good recovery after the ride. I was happy for the sachet sample of this stuff in the goodie bag we received at the end of the ride.

While I’m here, I want to thank all the terrific vollies from the Yea Rotary Club who looked after all the riders on Saturday, at the feed stops, managing traffic etc. The fantastic attitude and every friendly, smiling faces made the event even more enjoyable.

Sunday I tootled off on the bike into the VIS to watch some talent ID testing for Project 2012. The girls did a 4min power test on the SRM cranked ergo. A few girls from the junior state teams were showing their stuff, and from what I saw of them on the ergo, did an excellent job. It’ll be an exciting time for them if they are successful. The ride in, despite being a little wet, was fun (and a bit painful thanks to poor nutrition on Saturday), and I enjoyed being a cyclist going somewhere, just me and my bike heading off down the road.

And in other news: I'm moving into a new house in 2 weeks, sharing with an eventer. How cool is that?

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