Monday, 8 September 2008

My Big Adventure

Sunday afternoon, I ventured somewhere scary - really, surreally, scary. Ikea. I’ve been into Ikea about 3 times in my whole life, and each time was to the Logan store. Say no more. Yesterday, cycling buddy and fellow coach, Mr Whiskers accompanied me as I went shopping for boxes. Well, a girl needs boxes you know! And who wants boring brown cardboard boxes?? But I’m glad I had a navigator, because that place is vast, and works on the yellow brick road system. And going the wrong way up the yellow brick road on a Sunday afternoon creates its own little problems, particularly when faced with hoards of trolley-pushing, glazed-eyed Sunday shoppers.

After consulting the map twice (yes, they provide maps. They need to.), we finally found the boxes. Under Home Organisation, of course. Where else would they be? So Swedishly logical. Mr Whiskers took off to test himself out as a store model, which worked a treat and confused some four year olds. And their mothers. I would have thought just being in Ikea confusing and disorienting (well it was for me. Beam me up Scotty!), but obviously one becomes more accomplished and acclimatised with exposure, or simply brainwashed. Anyway, I found some funky boxes, and some nice lights too, but they will have to wait until I can gather up the courage to enter the biosphere that is Ikea once again, with another stiff coffee lined up afterwards!

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