Monday, 8 September 2008

More good riding weather

After a full on week of meetings, training, and life, I felt that my training hadn’t been up to scratch. Close scrutiny of WKO+ shows that perception and actually don’t match on this occasion and it’s looking all ok. Thank CrankDiety.

Saturday I did my second longest ride since May (100km) with Mr Legs, Mr Univac and a couple of M2M mates of Mr Univac’s. We headed out from Belgrave Heights (umm.. I thought Belgrave was in the heights anyway???Does that mean Belgrave Heights is higher than that?) down, and a couple of longer nasty ups, into Narre Warren and into Frankston. I was able to hone my riding in traffic skills though Narre Warren, and I’d just like to take the opportunity to thank those kindly motorists for reminding what freaking bad driving is all about.

As we rode into Frankston, I felt hungry, as in rumbling guts hungry. I don’t get hungry on long rides. I may need food but I don’t ever feel hungry. We parted ways with Mr Univac’s two buddies, who opted for the scenic route back, and we headed up the highway towards the city, with one eye out for a decent café. It took us until Carrum to find one, by which time I was really fkn HUNGRY!! and I could see the brick wall in the distance. The Blue Chair has a nice big, soft couch in the window in the sun. I had to work hard to take my coffee and muffin back outside to where we were seated, and not just lie down and snooze on the couch. Maybe next time.

The ride back was excellent, with a slight tail wind for an easy 30kph plus cruise. Pity about the sticky Mtber who was happy to sit my wheel but not happy to take a turn. I flicked my elbow and moved over right. He followed. I returned left. I flicked my elbow again and moved further right and, he followed. I moved left again. Next time I bailed hard right, almost to the centre line. This guy was an A grade leech. I had one final attempt without any success, so as I returned left, I sat up. Then I hit the brakes. Sweet, he swore and shot past me. Worked a treat. I then hammered up the hill, and definitively passed him for good, or so I thought. Unfortunately he caught me back up when I caught up with Mr Legs and Mr Univac and slowed down to let them hook on as I passed them. Mr Leech proceeded with his same leechy antics for the next 10km, only backing off our group each time I turned to give him a nasty evil look. Which was frequently. That kind of freeloading behaviour simply shits me. I don’t know if this guy can handle a bike and I don’t want to be coming off at this stage thanks to some incompetent. Finally Mr Univac invited him forwarded to do his share, at which point, Mr Leech mumbled some rubbish and took off.

Sunday I headed out towards the 1:20 with sooking legs, who won the argument and took me the long way back home. Sight of the day was carloads of riders parking at the foot of the 1:20 to ride up it. That’s gotta hurt with no warm up?

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