Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Metal Man Racing Round 5

Last night was my 5th attempt to give Metal Man something to work for, and managed to make him do just that for 2.5km. Then the little critter rode off on me, down a hill. Well, at least that was a PB, the only PB I scored for the whole ride. After blowing myself up with some big watts early on, I proceeded to drag my sorry butt and screaming legs over the next 3 climbs and limped home for an almost Personal Worst. Weird thing was that my watts were significantly up, and everything else within the same range as my last 3 rides, but time was way down (ie slow). How does that work? I was really thirsty for the whole ride, and figured dehydration played a role, but my HR was “normal”. Something isn’t adding up.

Anyway, I was pretty trashed by the time I crossed the finish line, and had a bit of a wobble in the legs when I finally got off the bike. Mr Legs commented that I looked “drained” when I walked in the door. Nice of him to notice, and yes, that’s pretty much how I felt. So, it was an excellent workout, with some weirdarse wattages (but no obvious anomalies ie spikes etc), and a disappointing time. Am off to the Au Go GO shed tonight, after a small lay off due to life happening to both Marty and myself (not together!!). Am looking forward to seeing how I go. I’m feeling pretty good about being together enough to make the trip to Sydney next month worthwhile, but the next 3 weeks will tell.

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