Thursday, 4 September 2008

Crank gazing

Sometimes I just don’t get it, why we do this weird thing called bike racing. We dress in silly, unprotective clothes, ride expensive machines that hurt our legs, lungs, arms, back, arses, immune systems and do it day in day out in some kind of addicted, OCD way. We fall off and despite the blood, lost skin, broken bits, we get back for another go. We get out of bed when we should be asleep, to ride. We get growled at, pushed, prodded, provoked by coaches who have our dreams in their hearts. We chase those faster than us, and are chased by those who are hopefully not. Fear of losing and of winning, keeps us pedalling, keeps us sweating it out, alone, in the dark of winter or a cool summer dawn. We map and plan, the next week’s training, the next race, the next season, calculating, fantasising, moulding ourselves into something else, something other. I don’t get it, maybe I don’t want to, and don’t need to. Just let me ride my bike. It’s something I have to do


Colin Griffiths said...

Good post. I've just about had enough of this season and want some easy bike rides, but next season's targets and outline are coming together nicely.

Lawrence said...

Thanks Colin. It's a long haul, but we keep coming back for more, so it must be good :-) You've had a great season, and I know next season will be as bright and shiny for you.