Monday, 29 September 2008

Another weekend in the sun

I never knew how devastating it could be, when your Power Tap dies from hub battery failure. Even worse, when it dies, so brutally and definitively, 33 kms into a 90km ride, when you’re feeling strong and about to start passing big groups up hill on Beach Road. Well I can only dream now of how many watts I was pumping out on Saturday, but it sure was sweet chasing down Mdm Hour who was doing a big effort interval, passing people with ease. The sweetest moment was overtaking a very large bunch up one of the longer rises (can’t bring myself to call them climbs) on Beach Rd, and as I reached the top, I checked my gear: 53 x 13. Not what I had planned, but was nice to realise that maybe I underestimate myself sometimes. So after getting over the disappointment of not having any true data from Saturday’s ride, Mdm Hour and I had a great ride in the sunshine, I ate a very scrummy almond croissant at Eurodore in Port Melbourne, and we had an enjoyable detour via the Boulie to DISC for an errand. The day was topped off by a train ride home watching once a year footy fans be, well, once a year footy fans.

Sunday saw a revival of the PT hub, with new batteries installed courtesy of Mr Whiskers’ way with tools. Not only did he successfully manage to get the PT hub cover off, which are apparently notorious for being difficult, he attached legs to my housemate’s new kitchen table top the night before. There are some things about which it just pays to be a feeble girl. Once the hub was back doing its power thing, we did a 1:20 loop, with some PBs happening for both of us, and a too close encounter with some cars less than a kilo after heading out for the hills.

As we turned onto Bayswater Rd, a little silver 4 cylinder thing hooned up the inside of me on the gravel, dust and stones flyng. Whilst it gave me enough clearance, the speed at which it hit the gravel had me worried about it losing traction and sliding into either me, or Mr Whiskers up ahead, or the trees to the left. Once it cleared the gravel, swerved past Mr Whiskers and took off down the road at warp speed, I realised there was car on my wheel, and I mean, on my wheel. I turned to see some old expletive deleted almost stopped, with his passenger front light in line with me, and less than a wheel distance off my back tyre. Why he didn’t go around like most would I have no idea. I thought he was going to run me off the road, or pull up beside me to have words. He did neither and finally got his act together to pass, and pass safely. I have no idea what went down with those two cars, but I’m assuming some red light running joy was had. Mr Whiskers conjectured that the white car turned right onto the road after us, suddenly saw me and braked hard, with the silver Professional Driver behind him taking evasive rally car action. It was a f^ck me!! moment that’s for sure.

It’s been a while (a long while) since I’ve done the Big Hill ride, and I didn’t struggle too much with it, just set myself at a nice, hard-working tempo and hoped to finish. I don’t usually time myself, but check out the stop watch retrospectively once I’ve downloaded the data. I managed to take a solid few minutes off my more recent times up the climb. Admittedly the last two were pretty poor thanks to my health, and previous ones, big ring efforts. But I managed to hit my fastest time up the 1:20 this year, without consciously trying to do so. After 3 weeks of illness/poor bloods in June/July, 6 weeks of recovery work, 6 weeks of building strength and fitness back up, I think we’ve managed to almost make it. Not bad considering 3 months ago it looked like it was a bit of an ask.

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