Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Soft legs

Training over the last week has seen some more PBs on the bike and in the A Go Go Shed. In some ways, it’s not hard to be PBing, but it also means I am getting stronger and fitter. I’ve moved beyond my A Go Go strength from June and am getting it back on the bike.

However, the down side is, after 2 beefy sessions with Marty, plus on the bike, by the time I went to face the 1:20 on Sunday morning, my legs were totally shot, and beyond even being decorative. It would have been quicker (and less painful) to walk up it than ride. So I turned my steed and headed for home via the scenic route along Maroondah.

My only salvation was passing some old hippy dude out on his pushie. When I heard a familiar voice behind me, I realised actually knew this grey haired hippy dude, locks flying in the breeze. After some chit chat and telling me off being soft, he then asked why I had to ride so hard. When I asked what do you mean?, he replied that I was hurting his legs! All I can say is his musta been hurting real bad, as he'd just made a case of pot, kettle, black! It made my day, anyway.

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