Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Metal Man Vs Where are the Watts, Woman?

Success at last. No, metal man beat me again, but this time he had to wait a bit before he finally passed me on a downhill section. Perhaps it's Mr Legs in disguise?? Anyway, I scored a PB, in my 3rd attempt at Metal Man Racing. Don't know what happened last week, because I was 3minutes slower, used more energy/KJs (cos I was 3 min slower???) and only marginally less watts. Whatever it was, I hope it was a one-off and my PB is a sign of improving health and fitness. Last night's effort was weird: it still hurt (finishing with a 7% climb) but it didn't seem as bad as the previous weeks. I think I was recovery faster from each climb.

Coach did his coaching thing from the sidelines: keep pressure on the pedals on the downhills; you need to keep your watts up on the downhills, that's how you'll beat Metal Man. Keep your watts up! Your watts are down! What are you doing with your watts???????? (insert resigned sighing and eye rolling).

Me: I'm in survival mode Coach! You're lucky to see my legs spinning round! It hurts!! It huuuuuuurrrrttttsssss!!! Bugger Metal Man!!!! Come on little leggies!! Where's the friggin' finish line???????

And for some more fun and frivolity, I'm off to the A Go Go Shed tonight for a midweek blast of muscle-crunching power antics. Bring it on (and hand me a protein shake please).

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