Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Metal Man Racing: Round 4

I don’t get this metal man. I think he cheats. Another PB, a decent PB this week (2.47 min faster), and the shiny man still beats me across the line, but by less. I’m going to start taking note of his time, because I think although he is paced at the same watts each week, his time changes. Something funny going on here. Anyway, it’s only a matter of a week or two now before I nailed rustman’s butt, unless Coach thinks I’m getting too familiar and comfortable with the course and sends me off to do an edited Hawaiian Ironman! (Coach: note - edited course!! Thanks :-) )

I got up this morning and did another good session on the bike, and am feeling that I’m back to where I left off in June, albeit with a stronger core (which is now kicking in and doing its thing) and better looking abs ;-). Those abs will be sorely tested tonight, with another round in the A Go Go Shed. Marty has got some special workouts devised, now that Worlds is only 8 weeks away. I can’t wait!

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