Monday, 4 August 2008

Don't Pounce the Bounce

The body is a strange, weird, wonderful bit of kit. How it copes with and recovers from injury, illness, stressors, training etc is fascinating for the so-inclined. Watching my own recovery is an ordeal in excitement and frustration, and some anxiety, and this weekend was a case in point.

Saturday morning I was bouncing around the house (literally, as you do), changing the lyrics to suspect rock songs played on MMM (you know the ones – 80’s and 90’s anthems from Barnesy, Kiss, Midnoight Oil, Bon Jovi etc Mr Legs has poor taste in music). So as I was singing odes to building muscles in Marty’s shed where the men are soft and the women do shred, accompanied by air guitar and furniture surfing, Mr Legs was texting Mr A Go Go suggesting a full on session was in order to unbounce the bouncing tiggergal. Bad move sucker!

So as I lapped up the increased workout (lifting more & harder than I did the weekend I got sick, which in itself was a PB session), Marty was pushing Mr Legs just that little bit harder than Mr Legs really wanted to go, and occasionally checking in with me “Are you tired yet?!” Nope! While I was amusing myself jumping back and forth over the Olympic bar on the floor, waiting for Marty to say go, he was attending to Mr Legs, encouraging just another 20pounds out of the lat pull down machine. Mr Legs staggered out of the shed sore, and he’s still sore. I don’t think he’ll will be texting Marty on a Saturday morning again hehe. Don’t pounce on the bounce!

It’s taken 3 weeks (4 sessions) to get back my S & C form, which I am really stoked about. I can feel my strength and verve has improved and I can see it on the bike… for a couple of hundred metres before I die bigtime. And of course, I have little speed to speak of. My peak watts are lower than they were, but my cardiovascular is recovering very quickly from efforts. Sunday Mr Legs, Mr Univac and I rode my pre-work loop taking in Heathmont Hill. I was able to take the hills a little better than the previous weekend’s efforts, and recovered faster, but am below par in terms of speed & endurance up the hills. But I still managed to drop the guys, particularly on Heathmont. I suspect Mr Univac was providing moral support for Mr Legs each time the road went up.

A few hours later at DISC, my attempts at flying kilo efforts were grim and painful. Mr Legs was the pacemaker(pretty bloody good for a sore bloke!), and we were swapping turns. I don’t think I could have done it otherwise. I’ve never been so relieved to sit a wheel, Mrs Coach, with my glutes screaming at me by Lap 3 each time. It’s a bit like physiotherapy – you have to go through some pain to get back form and functionality. The only thing is, with racing, you know there is more pain beyond that to look forward to. I’m just waiting for the pain addiction to kick back in and override the fear of flaring up my friend the EB virus again. So I am stoked to see some rapid improvements (ie recovery), frustrated that some aspects of my physiology are slower to return to form than others, and anxious about overloading myself too soon and losing all that I have gained in the last 3 weeks, plus some.

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Anonymous said...

Nice to hear you can sit a wheel, now to do it in a girly race where the view is not so tempting. Don't get a big head Mr Legs, you need work, I've looked. Mrs Coach.